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 Reiki is an energy exchange and a natural healing process.  There is a reason why your family physician tells you to get plenty of rest when you fall ill.   Your body heals itself while you sleep.  Reiki will calm and relax the body and begin the healing process.  Reiki is performed by placing my hands directly on various parts of your body including each of your Chakra points.  I will sense what needs healing and positive energy.  All you have to do is lie down, relax and feel the energy flow. Reiki can be used to treat an injury or generic aches and pains.  Reiki does so much more than merely treat the damages caused by common physical exertions.  


Chakra Points


Reiki can be used to heal and cleanse your 7 chakra points:  

 The Crown Chakra - Honours Spiritual Connection

 The Third Eye Chakra - Honours the Psychic

 The Throat Chakra-  Honours Communication

 The Heart Chakra - Honours the Heart (Love)

 The Solar Plexis Chakra - Honours Life Force (Chi)

 The Splenic Chakra - Honours the Creative

 The Root Chakra - Honours the Earth

The Crown Chakra deals with pure cosmic energy and is blocked by earthly attachment

The Third Eye Chakra deals with insight and is blocked by illusion

The Throat Chakra deals with truth and is blocked by lies

The Heart Chakra  deals with love and is blocked by grief

The Solar Plexis Chakra deals with willpower and is blocked by shame

The Splenic Chakra deals with pleasure and is blocked by guilt

The Root Chakra deals with survival and is blocked by fear 


Axiatonal Alignment


Meridian point grounding

An Axiatonal Alignment uses the meridian lines to help clear any negative energy you may have. 
It will then balance and reconnect your energy.
An Axiatonal Alignment is performed using my middle finger where I lightly and quickly touch various points of your body including the Chakra areas.
An Axiatonal Alignment is usually performed before your Reiki session and takes approximately 5 minutes to complete. 

Balance of Life


YIN                                    YANG

Night                                 Day

Dark                                   Light

Cold                                   Warm

Negative                          Positive

Passive                             Active

Female                             Male

Solid                                  Hollow

LIver                                 Gall Bladder

Heart                                 Small Intestine

Spleen                              Stomach

Lungs                                Large Intestine

Kidney                               Urinary Bladder