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"I have had many Reiki treatments in the past and Lora is by far the most impressive!  She not only can connect to your energy but she also connects to your emotional, mental and physical side.

I had been going through fertility treatments, and Lora was able to feel that my left ovary was lazy/slow/not responding – what was the most interesting part of this was that I had heard nurses say this before, that I had a lazy left ovary.  However, I never mentioned this to Lora as I didn’t even think of it as being important since I was going for stress release, not physical healing.  Over the course of a few months, Lora was able to get my left ovary to start waking up!!  It started producing more eggs, and was even working better than my right ovary!! It was mind blowing.  Not only is Lora amazingly talented at what she does, but she is also welcoming, loving, kind and completely open with you.  This woman is a life-saver for me and she will forever hold a special place in my heart"  - Ali P.

 “A truly beautiful individual with a sincere passion to heal. Lora has not only helped me to find my voice again but has also allowed to heal on multiple levels. She has done work with both myself and my son in person but has also helped through distance Reiki when needed. She always goes above and beyond. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to find some 

clarity“  - Lucia Gouveia

These Reiki sessions have allowed me to become more zen.  The insight and feedback received from the sessions are substantive.  Self-healing is meaningful to me as I consistently work at cultivating more love, openness and peace in areas of my life.  I recommend her services to anyone seeking a positive shift in their reality - S.A.

 "My first ever Reiki session was with Lora Serafini and the experience was really incredible. Totally relaxing and a true stress-reliever. I felt rebalanced. The atmosphere is calm and serene and her hands… healing. I would recommend Lora to anyone that needs an alternative healing approach to stress and to relaxation" ~ Karen Kinch

"Walking into Lora’s space…you instantaneously feel serenity.  My very first Reiki treatment was a wonderful, relaxing experience.  She was able to discover tensions in my body that I knew I had, but never spoke of.  My second Reiki treatment with her was done on a day that I needed it most. Before my treatment, I felt emotionally drained and heavy in my soul…and afterwards I truly felt the biggest release of my life.  It is truly an unexplainable experience…Lora has such a way of making you feel comfortable and completely relaxed…and truly cares about healing" ~ Ashley Antunes

"I wouldn’t say I was skeptical but I had never tried nor really heard of Reiki until recently. My first Reiki session with Lora was fantastic.  It was like having a Shiatsu massage for my mind and soul.  The process was relaxing and very peaceful.  I left feeling balanced, energetic and centered physically, mentally and spiritually for weeks after.  I definitely recommend Lora and Reiki and can’t wait for my next session"  ~ Dave C -  Toronto

"I found my visit to Reiki Rejuvenation to be both relaxing and energizing and Lora was as equally friendly and inviting. When I arrived for my session I was greeted by a low lit environment and soothing music. As I lay down on the comfortable table Lora then proceeded to advise me as to what she would be doing and what areas she would be focusing on. After the session I felt happy, energized, calm and pain free, not to mention COMPLETELY relaxed. Since my session with Lora I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Reiki on a few social occasions, she’s very happy to help ease the discomfort of others, and each time I’m left feeling energized and pain free. 
I would recommend Lora and Reiki Rejuvenation to anyone who is looking for a spiritual and physical realignment, relief from pain or a relaxing break from everyday life." ~ Jen Olive - Toronto