Reiki Rejuvenation

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Lora Serafini

I have been administering Reiki for over 23 years and am certified in 3 Levels that include Distance Reiki.  I can tap into your energy from anywhere in the world.  

I am also certified in Axiatonal Alignments that deal with your Meridian Points that clear any negative energy, then balancing your energy and finally re-connecting your energy that leaves you feeling grounded and balanced.

I am also certified in 2 Levels of QCP (Quantam Change Process) which deal with the 10 Denial areas of your energy.  We then test the strength and weaknesses of the brain hemispheres.  We then tap into the unconscious to find the root of our emotional issues and begin the healing process.

I  have also been attending a school of Spirituality for over 20 years and have been initiated as a 2nd step Adept.  This allows me to cleanse auras, clear people and places of negative energy and to bless objects.  I have also trained in 3 levels of Sacred Geometry.  This is a process of securing and protecting people and places using various shapes.

My Philosophy:
Everyone knows the term "Life is a BEACH". But what does that mean?

It means Life is as wonderful as being on a beach looking out upon the ocean.  And it is!!!!  Having a joyous life filled with laughter, happiness, and getting everything you have ever wanted is inside everyone. and I am here to help you unlock those secrets.  And this is how we begin:

  Balance  Energy   Aura   Chakra    Healing

Everything starts from the inside.  Just because most people can't see or feel what's inside, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.  Absolutely everything in this world, including you is made up of energy.  Dealing with your BEACH is the first step in changing your attitude and your life. 

Did you know when you have a skin irritation, it's not the cream you apply to it that helps it go away; if you stop using the cream, the irritation comes back.  The internal issues could be what you are consuming or your Yin & Yang are not balanced.  Eating healthy, properly, staying fit and balancing your Yin & Yang through Acupuncture is the second step in cleansing your body of toxins.  This cleansing will open your inner gifts and feeling an energy that you didn't think was possible and leave you looking and feeling better than you ever have.  

I have personally lost over 30 pounds, over 30 inches and 5 dress sizes, so I can also point you to my colleague on how to make a life change and sticking with it.